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Thank you for visiting our website. Suni-Ridge is a non-profit organization based in Maputaland, Zululand, on the North East Coast of  Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.

The world’s natural ecosystems are being degraded at an unprecedented rate and it is no longer sufficient to merely protect that which is left.

At Suni-Ridge we have lovingly restored a previously degraded agricultural area and have given back to nature, a significant section of the buffer zone of the False Bay environs of World Natural Heritage Site, the Isimangaliso Wetland Park, on the North East Coast of South Africa.

Please Join Our Efforts – Providing a forever home for 10 zebra

We are very excited to have been accepted to Global Giving the biggest and most trusted crowd funding platform in the world, in support of providing a forever home for 10 zebra.. Their Escalator program is a HUGE opportunity for this project.  

You may have heard that we sadly lost our much loved zebra “Dubie” recently. (You may remember her, she may have greeted you when you arrived to visit and she also always came up to the lodge) Because our remaining zebra, Stripy and Tammy are now needing a bigger herd we decided to offer a home to a young male and 2 female zebra. But we were advised that there is a herd of 10 zebra being sold (that may be at risk) and we want to ensure that they all go to forever homes.  


Tami and Stripy our much loved zebra

Many people are deeply concerned about the environment and global warming. Some people even contribute to carbon-emission offset programs. Instead, we’re asking you to join our efforts in preserving natural habitat (and bush) and to become part of a sustainable solution for the environmental crisis.

Your support will make a difference to:

Thank you to our Sponsors for believing we can make a difference!

Help us save our unique forest

Without protection, hundreds of species that call Suni-Ridge home would die.  Rare mammals, diverse bird species, butterflies, insects and hundreds of life forms depend on the unique biodiversity of our forest.  It must be protected in perpetuity.

Please support our anti-poaching

An animal caught in a snare dies an agonizing death so we have to prevent poaching. Fences must be maintained and anti-poaching de snaring patrols are done regularly. Recently we have also included night guards to ensure the safety of our wildlife.

Our story

The history of Suni-Ridge Forest Sanctuary – Faith, Patience, Perseverance and Endurance.

Alien plant intruders must be eradicated

Alien plants are biological poachers and they must be managed and eradicated. They strangle indigenous forest trees and vegetation and reduce the biodiversity of the forest if they are not removed. We, therefore, have an ongoing alien plant control project in place. Your support of this project would be greatly appreciated and would help to ensure the protection of the unique biodiversity of our forest.  

Education and community environmental outreach

Successes:  The School we established for farm workers children. Our Young Environmental Ambassador Courses  (also set up in Kenya) Outreach to encourage conservation of our Region

Wildlife emergency treatment is critical

We are committed to preventing the suffering of injured wildlife. Nature often takes care of animals that are injured or ill but at times we have to assist with treatment to prevent suffering.  

We acknowledge with deep appreciation our supporters.

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