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Thank you for visiting our website. Suni-Ridge is a non-profit organisation based in Maputaland (Kwazulu Natal) in South Africa.

The world’s natural eco-systems are being degraded at a unprecedented rate and it is no longer sufficient to merely protect that which is left.

At Suni-Ridge we have lovingly restored a previously degraded agricultural area and have given back to nature, a significant section of the buffer zone of the False Bay environs of World Natural Heritage Site, the Isimangaliso Wetland Park, on the North East Coast of South Africa.

Please support our campaign to help orphaned and injured wildlife 

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Caring for injured or orphaned wildlife is a challenge. But with the new facility we are developing much more will be accomplished.

Sadly a baby wildebeest was recently orphaned was injured.

Zebra showing concern for injured baby wildebeest

We located the baby wildebeest in the bush this afternoon and the zebra were around him showing concern. He saw me and came up to me, somehow he knows we are trying to help him and he kept approaching us. We decided to try to hold him by his little horns again, and managed to do so.

The baby was quite docile so I inspected the wound. It needed to be cleaned which we attended to. It was fortunate that we were able to find him, without treatment he would have died an agonizing death. It would have been safer for him to have been homed inside a boma and should it rain, inside a stable. 

We were eventually able to home him in a temporary boma but this was an emergency measure – we are now now developing a secure rehab facility.

                               Temporary canvas boma


Poaching and Security

One of our most important challenges is to protect the wildlife in/around our reserve, and to prevent poaching.

We provide a flourishing habitat to an abundance of wildlife, including rare and protected species, and are reaching out to the local communities to encourage them to take ownership of the responsibility of protecting this natural heritage.

Young Environmental Ambassador’s Course

Young leaders from local commCOMMUNUTIES - Young Environmental Ambassador's Courseunities attend our Young Environmental Ambassador’s Leadership.

Our involvement with local communities also shows them how they can benefit from Eco-tourism and why implementing (or being part of) the Sustainable Use Policy isn’t the right thing to do (see our Khola Campaign).

Please Join Our Efforts

Many people are deeply concerned about the environment and global warming. Some people even contribute to carbon-emission offset programs. Instead, we’re asking you to join our efforts in preserving natural habitat (and bush) and to become part of a sustainable solution for the environmental crisis.

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