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Support our Schools campaign goalsMost people in the developed world are fortunate to be able to lead stable and secure lives. In developing countries, the situation is different.

There are millions of people around the world who don’t have access to basic amenities, such as clean water, sanitation facilities, food and education.

This SCHOOL Campaign invites schools and school children from developed countries around the world to donate to the Zulu children at False Bay School, South Africa.

© Austin Julian Mitchev is the inspiration behind SCHOOL LINK campaign - click to read his essay

© Austin Julian Mitchev is the inspiration behind the Suni-Ridge SCHOOL Campaign.

When we first moved to Suni-Ridge, one of our main priorities was to establish a primary school for the under-priviledged children in the local communities. False Bay School is a wonderful success and provides basic education to pupils, many of whom are HIV/AIDS orphans.

Most of these children are extremely poor, and don’t have access to food, clean water or other basic amenities. Many don’t even own a pair of shoes to walk to school in.

If children from the developed world donated just $1 / £1 / €1, it would make a huge difference to the children at False Bay School.

This campaign has been inspired by Austin Julian Mitchev, the son of one of our guests at Leopard Walk Lodge.

As a 5th grader at the Colleen Bevis Elementary School in Lithia, Florida (USA), Austin got an A+ for his essay entitled, “What Happens in the World“.

Please join us in supporting the children at False Bay School?

Please help the school children at False Bay School? Sponsor the SCHOOL Campaign

“What Happens in the World” by Austin Julian Mitchev (dated 10-26-2007)

In the world many people are homeless, ill, and dying. If you don’t know why you should help then it’s time for you to get going.

Everyday over 20,000 people die from starvation, disease, war and other life injustices. Some people think it’s not important to help out, but they are very wrong. Everybody needs to help out and donate their time, money and talent to other people who are not as fortunate as us. For example, UNICEF raises money to provide necessities for children to live a good life. It’s so important to help out because everybody in the world should have a good life that they can enjoy. Most people in America have good stable lives, but unlike most of us in America other people in the world would do anything for basic things like an education, nutritious food, clean water, and good health.

Many organizations around the world try to make a difference in the world. But I don’t think they should be the only ones helping out. I think I can make a difference in this world, by helping my aunt with food production for the needy in South Africa. Also, there are many people living on the side of the road. So I can help out by bringing food, blankets, and other necessities that they would need to survive. But also, I think, there are ways for other kids to help out. One way other kids can help out, is by raising money, to help buy blankets and warm clothes for the cold winter months for the unfortunate homeless people. These staple essentials we take for granted everyday is what they need for survival on the streets daily.

In my opinion, I think no one in the world knows everything that’s going on, so why not help out and make sure nothing horrible happens to people in the future. Even though for some people charity begins in different countries, for me -> charity must begin at home and every little bit counts.

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