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Caring for injured baby wildebeest


Caring for injured or orphaned wildlife is always a challenge. But with the new facility we are developing much more will be accomplished.

This is the challenge we have had to try to help an orphaned and injured baby wildebeest:

We located him in the bush this afternoon. I had spent the whole morning in town sourcing an antibiotic injection. Then I felt unsure about how to administer it! But we had managed to find him and he came up to me, grazing around and back again 4 times. He knows we are trying to help. We decided to try to hold him by his little horns again, and managed to do so.
Then I applied more supona spray to and inside the wound.

Zebra and his own herd of wildebeest were all close by. The zebra sniffed him and was concerned.

Zebra and his own herd of wildebeest were all close by. The zebra sniffed him and was concerned.

He was quite docile so I inspected the wound. It was caked with dead maggots under the skin as I thought! I started to remove them, no gloves, no tweezers, with my bare fingers ughhhhh but it had to be done. (forgot the scouts motto, be prepared but I had not anticipated this) I removed masses of dead maggots.
After the treatment, he simply walked a few steps and started grazing.
Before the treatment he also had a good feed of pellets and fresh lovely green grass we bought for him.
So that was my whole afternoon.

In the meantime we are preparing a rehab boma and stable for orphaned and/ or injured wildlife. We also aim to secure timeous professional assistance for future wildlife in need. Tomorrow we will have medical help for the baby.





An urgent appeal to all who care:  Please support our drought relief appeal   Zululand is experiencing the worst drought in 20 years. The entire Province of KZN has been red flagged because of the drought. Rivers have dried up and virtually no rain has fallen during the past months in our area at False Bay Park.

Any amount however big or small towards feeding the wildlife at our Sanctuary would be greatly appreciated.  Please click below to donate through PayPal.  Thank you for caring

A bag of game pellets costs R250.00 (18.11 USD)

One bale of Lucerne R105.00 (7.61 USD)

2015-10-26 14_23_26-DROUGHT SUPPORT APPPEAL Zululand is experiencing the worst drought in 20 yea

We have been doing our best to help our wildlife through the drought and we have to supplement food for our wildlife in our Sanctuary. There is no longer grazing and very little browsing available. Nyala graze 30% and browse 70% depending on availability of foliage and grass. Wildebeest are bulk grazers and zebra each need 10kg of hay/grass per day. Although we bring in grass from areas where there is no grazing, we now need to supplement this with Lucerne and game pellets.  The female antelope that are pregnant especially need more food to tide them through.

Any support you may be able to offer – however big or small – would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for caring! 

Caring for our wild

We had a 5 day battle in our Sanctuary, to save a baby wildebeest (featured as newborn, in the video ” Hello World”) Sadly he was injured when he and his friend also a little bull, were forced out of the breeding herd by the territorial bull.

Sadly although we tried our best to help him, eventually having to place him in a boma for treatment, he did not make it. We would like to thank all for their support and especially for the expertise and support of Louise Joubert & SanWild and Mike Toft, our excellent wildlife vet.

Thanks to our major Campaign Sponsors!

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