Donation: CMS website

Since March 2007, Victoria Koning of Marvic Web Design has worked very closely with Janet Cuthbertson to realise the Suni-Ridge website. The project lasted several months and proved to be very helpful in raising funds for the various campaigns and projects.

Due to growing public interest, the need for Suni-Ridge to manage the website content themselves has resulted in the migration of their website onto a content management system (CMS) platform. The website has been given a slightly different face but the content has remained the same … these lifetime projects are ongoing!

The original website was sponsored by Tours and Tales, and the new version has been sponsored by CraftRootz, a website that sells handcrafted gifts that have been made in South Africa out of wire and glass beads, as well as other recycled materials like old colddrink cans and bottle tops.

It’s been a privilege working with Janet on the Suni-Ridge website. It’s very inspiring to see how much Suni-Ridge has achieved, and we hope that with this new CMS website that they’ll be able to achieve even more wonderful things. Keep up the excellent work! ~ Victoria Koning

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