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Good news is that our wildlife emergency medical treatment fund has successfully enabled us to treat a severe injury on the lower back leg of one of our wildebeest (Ngu) He somehow cut his leg and a wound of about 7 cm needed urgent attention.

A veterinary assistant darted him with an antibiotic in his rump and this began a healing process. Thereafter we have been able to approach him and while he enjoys the feed that we provide and layout for him, we manage to spray the wound from a distance. We have bought a number of bottles of F10 Germicidal Wound Spray that we have used. This topical treatment has been important to prevent infection and fly strike(maggots) from entering the wound.

Thankfully the injury has now healed and closed almost completely. Unfortunately, the damage has affected the strength of his suspensory ligament – above his back hoof, and he may continue to limp. However, he presently grazes happily and he is not presenting any symptoms of weight loss. He is still able to run, lie down, and walk distances without distress.

As we progress into 2021 we hope to raise sufficient funding to build our long-awaited treatment boma. Your ongoing support means the world to us and of course to the wild that we help protect.

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