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Get 10% off your stay at Leopard Walk Lodge - check availability and book onlineLeopard Walk Lodge is situated within the Suni-Ridge Sand Forest Park, which is a paradise for nature lovers.

Our Bed & Breakfast accommodation is private and cosy, with two cottages to choose from. Guests are welcome to dine at Leopard Walk Lodge’s restaurant.

Our guests can normally enjoy a relatively close encounter with the wildlife. Trips to nearby “Big-Five” wildlife reserves can also be arranged.

We look forward to welcoming you! 
Suni-Ridge is certified to be a non-hunting reserve and ethical in its treatment of animalsThanks to our policy of protecting our wildlife (and not using them as a resource), the wild animals are relaxed for game viewing.

Suni-Ridge Sand Forest Park Environmental Rehabilitation Centrehas been certified by CACH to be non-hunting and ethical in its treatment of its animals.

Visitors to Suni-Ridge can enjoy viewing nyala (previously endangered), grey duiker, warthog, reedbuck, genet cat, serval, African wildcat, monkeys (the previous land owner used to shoot them on sight) and bush babies. Leopards are even spotted from time to time.

Other species that have been reintroduced to the area (on recommendation of the Kwa Zulu Natal Parks Board authority) are impala, wildebeest and zebra.

Watch this video of Marcel and Victoria Koning enjoying breakfast at Leopard Walk Lodge, and a brief glimpse of the activities available in and around our Lodge.

Before we bought and protected the land, an informal illegal market was operating at Suni-Ridge for the sale of animals poached by the cruel method of snaring. Hunting is now taboo and strictly prohibitied! The animals seem to know that they are safe and are relaxed for game viewing.

Accommodation at Suni-Ridge Sand Forest Park

Guests are welcome to extend their game viewing and enjoy delicious South African cuisine, served during meals at the lounge and dining facility overlooking the waterhole, where animals can be observed when they come to drink.

Leopard Walk Lodge is situated within the Suni-Ridge Sand Forest Park wildlife nature reserve

Dine overlooking a waterhole at Leopard Walk Lodge

Support Suni-Ridge by staying at Leopard Walk LodgeLeopard Walk Lodge has two cottages to choose from:

Buffalo Thorn Cottage: this well appointed “Out of Africa” cottage, has 4 separate rooms each with a bathroom ensuite. It is shaded by a giant, 100 years old Buffalo Thorn tree with a setting that has an outlook across the plains of the wildlife reserve.

Secrets of the Forest: enjoy being at one with nature with views of the secrets of the forest, in a glass walled honeymoon suite which brings the outdoors in. Is there a more wonderful way to start (renew) your marriage, than by relaxing in an outdoor jacuzzi while interacting with the wildlife of a forest canopy?

Apart from enjoying the wildlife that we have to offer, guests can also enjoy a variety of game drives in the area, which of course can be arranged, to nearby reserves like Hluwluwe, Umfolozi, False Bay Park, Mkuzi Game Reserve or Phinda Reserve.

Cultural Activities

We work closely with our local communities and have established a local primary school. From time to time, some guests are invited to spend time with these people in an informal, authentic manner. It is normally considered to be a very inspiring experience.

Visitors to Ilala Weavers can experience the soul of Africa and its people through their handcraft. Exquisitely crafted beadwork, hand-woven baskets and clothing are an expression of the Zulu communities. Purchasing these goods provides direct support to the communities.

© A zebra mare and her foal at Suni-Ridge Sand Forest Park

A zebra mare and her foal at Suni-Ridge Sand Forest Park

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