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Below is the privacy statement for Suni-Ridge Sand Forest Park Environmental Rehabilitation Centre. It specifies how we might use the personal details provided to us by our website visitors. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Suni-Ridge Org. ZA will ensure that personal details obtained through this website will remain strictly confidential.There are various ways in which Suni-Ridge Org. ZA can obtain personal information about you, such as when you make use of an online form, or contact us by telephone / fax / e-mail or otherwise.We also obtain personal information about people when they become a sponsor or donor. Our website may use cookies to process any payments.Your details will never be divulged to third parties, unless it is necessary for the processing of payments for donations, sponsorships or travelling expenses, or otherwise agreed upon between yourself and Suni-Ridge Org. ZA.Please note: we are not responsible for any third party websites that our website might link to, including their policies on privacy. It remains the sole responsibility of the website visitor to view the applicable privacy statement.

Suni-Ridge Org. ZA reserves the sole right to change this privacy statement at any time, for whatsoever reason, without prior notification. Such changes would be made to this page and it remains the responsibility

of the website visitor to review this statement on each visit to our website.

We appreciate your trust in Suni-Ridge Org. ZA and respect your privacy.

Yours faithfully,

Janet Cuthbertson


Feel free to contact us:

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info @

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By Telephone:

+27 035 562 0614

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P.O. BOX 159



Kwazulu Natal


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