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Wildlife Orphanage

Animal rescue centre and wildlife orphanage.

Currently, many orphaned wild animals are left for “nature to take care of herself”, which means that any baby wild animal will surely die being unable to fend for itself.

Our goal is to give the orphans the survival skills needed, without undue human contact, so  that they can return to the wild when the time comes.

There is a dire need in Maputaland for an animal rescue centre/ wildlife orphanage.  Due to the encouragement and support of numerous organisations, Suni-Ridge Sand Forest Park  is presently establishing a facility that will provide a haven for rescued and orphaned animals. 

 The project will form part of a community outreach program that will encourage awareness about the humane management of domestic animals. While facilitating the rescue of wildlife orphans, it will also facilitate support for domestic animal needs within the rural area. 

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