Conservation at Suni-Ridge

Conservation and the protection of biodiversity is of the utmost importance to Janet and Rob Cuthbertson. Suni-Ridge Sand Forest Park Environmental Rehabilitation Centre was established to expand Janet and Rob’s focus of environmental concern into the surrounding area and local communities.

Environmental Rehabilitation

Janet and Rob Cuthbertson purchased a rundown pineapple farm in 1991 and have lovingly rehabilitated it into a beautiful, flourishing wildlife sanctuary called Suni-Ridge Sand Forest Park, which is based in Maputaland (KZN) in South Africa.

Young Environmental Ambassador’s Leadership Course

This environmental ambassador course reaches out to young Zulu leaders and educates them about biodiversity, conservation, protecting wildlife, and includes subjects like identifying and removing alien vegetation.

Part of the Young Environmental Ambassador's Leadership Course includes the identification and removal of alien vegetation. This long "potato creeper" alien plant was removed from the forest and the children wrapped it around themselves to demonstrate how it strangles the indigenous vegetation.

The long “potato creeper” (alien plant) in this photo was removed from the forest and the Zulu children wrapped it around themselves to demonstrate how it strangles the indigenous vegetation.

Water Management

The proper management of the water catchment area for False Bay Lake is paramount to the survival of people, wildlife and the environment. Rob Cutherbertson is chairman of the Lake St. Lucia Water Catchment Forum.

At Suni-Ridge we have dedicated our lives to preserving our natural and cultural heritage. Your help is very much needed and appreciated!

“Although we are both ardent conservationists, Rob is also a civil engineer and as we needed to add a component that would make our environmental efforts sustainable, we decided to build a lodge in the reserve.” ~ Janet Cuthbertson

The honeymoon suite at Leopard Walk Lodge "Secrets of the Forest"Together with the kind donations from caring people, and our own personal resources, our work is partly funded by a percentage of our Guest’s stay at our lodge.

Leopard Walk Lodge is a 10-bed lodge which also includes a honeymoon suite with an outdoor Jacuzzi. The hub of the lodge is the beautiful lounge, dining and bar facility that overlooks a waterhole.

After a day in the bush, guests relax over a meal at Leopard
Walk Restaurant, while enjoying a view of the animals that come
down to drink.

With our love for nature, we obviously do not have any hunting
on the reserve. Visitors are thrilled to see animals that are quite
relaxed and unafraid”.

“Our years of effort have at times been exciting, rewarding and often the challenge has been daunting, but the knowledge that we are giving something back to nature is our most worthwhile reward”. ~ Janet & Rob Cuthbertson

Rehab for orphaned and injured wildlife

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