How can you help?

You can help Suni-Ridge in various ways

  1. Donate an amount that you’re comfortable with (in support of our work)
  2. Sponsor the KHOLA Campaign (bonafide wildlife protection)
  3. Sponsor an Eco-Ambassador (future community environmental leaders)
  4. Sponsor the SCHOOL Campaign (by school children around the world)

Our website gets regularly updated to show you what’s been received and what we’ve achieved with your generosity. Also feel free to add your email address to receive updates by e-mail (see menu).

Thank you for your generous support. 

Share Your Support

“Alone I am a drop, together we are an ocean!”

Please tell your friends and family about what we’re doing and encourage them to help us too? If you have a website or blog, we’d appreciate it if you would add one of our banners to encourage people to visit our website. Thank you for your interest and sharing our concern for the environment.

Stay at our Lodge

Leopard Walk Lodge is private wildlife lodge with eco-friendly cottages, and is our means to earn a living. By staying at our lodge, you enable us to continue with the charity work that we’re doing. But you are also supporting Suni-Ridge’s projects directly, because a percentage of the proceeds goes towards our Suni-Ridge non-profit organisation (013-525 NPO). Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you in person.

Buy Wildlife Art

Janet Cuthbertson is also an artist, and sells her work both nationally and internationally to help fund Suni-Ridge’s projects. When you buy wildlife art, not only do you gain a wonderful piece of art, but through your financial support, you are helping Suni-Ridge Org. ZA realise these goals. Thank you for this.

“We are committed to making a difference. Please join us in our efforts. Thank you.” ~ Janet and Rob Cuthbertson

Thank you for supporting Suni-Ridge Org. ZA

We invite you to take a “L E A P” and join our journey and become part of the solution!

LOVE for the environment and wildlife – Love for the environment drives us to be part of the solution

EXPANSION of habitat for wildlife – Expanding wildlife’s habitat into surrounding areas increases the area of protection and the number of wildlife. It is no longer enough to just protect what we have left. We need to increase the areas of protection in South Africa. Well known for it’s majestic wildlife, South Africa still lags behind the 15%
of land needed for wildlife protection as decreed by the world’s leading environmentalists.

AWARENESS through environmental education – Awareness through environmental education encourages present and future custodians to value and protect their natural resources. Emphasizing the importance of, and assisting with the set up of, home gardens alleviates hunger.

PROTECTION of wildlife and natural resources – Our wildlife needs to be protected and not exploited or destroyed.

Keeping the balance is paramount to maintain our biodiversity. For example, there cannot be more predators than prey (caused by poaching/hunting). As the human population continues to grow, we are exceeding the availability of wildlife as a “resource”. We have to encourage a better understanding of why our environment and our wildlife needs to be protected. While we are working with environmental education, we have to protect our wildlife from being poached. 

Thank you for your support!